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Hotel Goers Keep Getting Catfished By These Deceiving Pool Photos

May 17, 2018

Shopping online can always be a dicey process, but usually we expect to get, at least, close to what we paid for. 

Well, that's far from the case with this hotel in Vietnam. From the pictures on, the hotel seems to have a large, beautiful indoor pool with a picturesque skyline view. The unlucky tourists who fell for the pool quickly learned that pictures aren't always 100% reliable...

When guests made their way up to the top floor, they discovered that the "spacious" pool was actually closer to the size of a large bathtub.

After one Twitter user pointed out the false advertising, several more admitted to falling victim to the clever illusion.

Don't feel bad though, it looks like most people took the surprise pretty well. Some even jokingly pointed out an unfortunate spelling mistake on the pool ladder...

Via Mashable