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High School Discovers A Hacker Has Been Changing Grades For The Past Two Years

May 11, 2018

There's been a lot of talk lately about the importance of cyber security. It seems like every day there's a new story out there about companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook selling user's personal data to strange companies with some kind of nefarious agenda. But its not just social media and those nosey tech giants aren't the only things we need to watch out for. Turns out, just about every aspect of someone's life can be manipulated by an invisible hand these days.

Take the education system for example. The world is more competitive than ever, making things like high school transcripts more important that ever. You probably already knew that educational records are pretty much exclusively managed online, but have you ever thought about how secure these online data bases really are? 

As it turns out, they're not exactly air tight. W.S. Neal High School in East Brewton, AL recently fell vitim to a massive, and honestly pretty embarrassing cyber security breach. After noticing discrepancies between report cards and transcripts, school administrations discovered that transcripts had been manipulated by an outside party. It wasn't an isolated incident either, this had been going on for two years. 

This may be one of the more extreme cases of school hacking but its far form the only one. Back in December of 2017, a high school student in New Jersey broke into his school's IT systems, giving his GPA a nice little bump before sending off his college applications.

A couple months later, an engineering student got hacked into a professor's computer and considerably boosted his grades. This particular student used a keystroke logger, which does pretty much what you'd expect, giving the hacker access just just about everything you've every typed into your computer... scary right?

Via NY Post