Phil Collins

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The Reason Phil Collins Doesn’t Play The Drums Anymore Is Truly Heartbreaking

August 15, 2019

The legendary musician may be back on the road, but none of us will get the chance to see him play the drums like he did back in the day.  

Phil Collins opened up about why he no longer plays the drums. Appaerntly the way he played the drums caused him to have a severe spinal cord injury. 

“My vertebrae have been crushing my spinal cord because of the position I drum in. It comes from years of playing. I can’t even hold the sticks properly without it being painful.” 

His injury convinced him to go into retirement and spend more time his family for a bit. During that time Collins divorced his third wife Orianne Cevey, causing him to start drinking heavily. Collins admitted that he thought he was going to die. 

“You start drinking, and then you start drinking too much. Then it physically hurts you. I came very close to dying at that point.” 

Collins realized that retirement wasn’t for him and decided to get back to music. Unable to play the drums at this point he called on his son Nicholas to fill in for him on his tour. 

“He’s really good, and he can take criticism. Which is always a danger working with someone so close to you.”

Watch this in depth video of Nic Collins presenting his drum kit on Phil Collins 'Still Not Dead Yet Live' World Tour! Thanks to Gretsch Drums and Authors: / (Used with permission)

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He still suffers from his spinal injury and now performs most of his show while sitting down. Collins was worried about how fans might react to this style of show, but the response has been positive.

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