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Her Mothers Killer Kidnapped Her, Then Gave Her Up For Adoption To His Brother

Her mother’s murderer ended up being her adoptive uncle

October 2, 2019

There was a Kansas serial killer in 1985, who was believed to kill at least 10 women.  It was concluded 19-year-old, Lisa Statsi was one of his victims.  Statsi, had a four-month old daughter named Tiffany. Statsi’s body was never found, and it was an unanswered investigation of what had happened to her daughter Tiffany whom she had with her the day of her murder.

The truth has finally surfaced. The missing daughter, Heather Tiffany Robinson is alive and will have a sit down interview with 20/20 as she discusses her story.

Robinson was 15 when she discovered she was adopted. She had been kidnapped by John Robinson, Statsi’s murderer.  He forged the adoption papers before he gave her up to his brother and sister-in-law, who had been yearning for a baby.

They renamed Tiffany as Heather.  Investigators believe the adoptive parents were unaware of John Robinson’s actions.

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