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This Gross Cocktail Features A Real Human Toe

April 9, 2018

This crazy cocktail isn't another fun Halloween drink. The appropriately named Sourtoe Cocktail is only served in the Sourdough Saloon, a bar located in Yukon, Canada. The disgusting drink features a toe which has been dehydrated, pickled and stored in salt.

The toe is then served in a shot of whiskey or tequila. If you're planning on trying the drink you'll be rewarded with a certificate of honor. This should be common sense, but whatever you do do not swallow the toe. If you do, the bar will slap you with a $500 fine. Despite all this, eight toes have been swallowed or stolen since the drink's inception in the 70's.

And don't worry, all the toes are donated. Most of the donations come from frost bite amputations. They accept all toes, but do prefer the big toe. Why? Well, because "they're the meatiest."

Via Metro