Homeless Shelter

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DFW Local Helps The Homeless While On Vacation

Drew Payne Has Been Using Her Vacations To Help The Homeless Since She Was 14

October 26, 2018

For most, vacation is a time for relaxing and thinking about yourself, but for one Grapevine teen, her vacations are all about giving back. Drew Payne, a senior at Colleyville High School says it all started back when she was 14. Her Family was planning a road trip from Tennessee to South Carolina, and there was something she noticed on past vacations.

“Living where we do there’s not a lot of homeless people,” she said, but while on her family vacations she started to notice some of the misfortune of others while in new locations, and wanted to do something to help.

Drew began to pack bags of snacks, water, money and anything she could put together to give to the homeless while on her trip. “It lasted through Tennessee and then I think we bought more stuff and kept going,” she said.

Now this has continued on every family vacation Drew and her family goes on, but when that wasn’t enough she began to help out around her home town as well. Once word got out of her good deeds, Drew finally started seeing some support, as a number of volunteers now help her with donations.

Drew plans to continue her service to the community even after she goes to college. While she wants to one day become a teacher, this young girl has already found a way to help many in need.