Break Up Text


Girl Breaks Into Home And Beats Up Boyfriend For Breaking Up With Her Via Text

May 2, 2018

A woman has been accused of breaking into the home of her ex-boyfriend and attacking him for breaking up with her through text message.  

Her ex-boyfriend said they had been dating Katrina Dornfeld for only around six weeks when he sent her a text that she could not come to his home anymore.  Local police responded to an early morning burglary call to find the front door window was smashed open and deadbolt unlocked.  At least three televisions were taken.  When the police left, the man said he went to bed and woke up later in the morning to find his ex Dornfeld in the room. 

Apparently she did not have keys for his house and certainly didn't invite her over.  He said he took a picture of her using his cell phone and demanded that she leave several times.  Police reported that Dornfeld slapped him in the face and clawed him with her nails.  That's when police came out for the second time and found her at the ex's home.  She was arrested after she told police she wasn't supposed to be there. 

Dornfeld is facing a felony charge of 1st degree burglary assault and two misdemeanor counts of domestic assault.  

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