George Michael

MJ Kim / Staff

George Michael's Grave To Remain Unmarked Despite Fan Requests

June 11, 2019

It's been 2 and half years since George Michael passed away, and fans still don't know where his final resting place is.  

And according to his family it's going to stay that way.  

Of course fans of the late artist aren't exactly thrilled about this and have been demanding that a gravestone be put up.  But the reason Michael's father Kyriacos and sisters Yioda and Melanie aren't complying with the request is out of concern the grave could turn into some grotesque shrine.  

“They feel that if was marked it would become a morbid tourist attraction for them. A lot of people feel that he deserves better, but we have to respect the family’s wishes.” A source from the cemetary reported.  

George was laid to rest in a private ceremony in Highgate Cemetery, North London, in March 2017.  

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