Fort Worth Restaurant Owner Welcomed Homeless People To Cool Off, Gets Free Lemonade

July 24, 2018

This week has been hectic with extreme heat temperatures. All of us were finding ways to cool off or just simply stay indoors. 

Mary Perez, owner of Fort Worth's Enchiladas Ole, welcomed people with no A/C or people who are homeless to come inside and cool off. 

"No one can stand the heat right now - it's excruciating," Perez says. On Saturday, about 15 people showed up to her restaurant and got free chips and lemonade. 

"I hope other restaurants will open their doors," she says. "Just let people in. Give them a little relief."

Perez, a former social worker, started making her hand made sauces and enchiladas and opened her restaurant. Enchiladas Ole was ranked as one of the best 10 Tex-Mex spots in Texas by USA Today.