Joe Raedle / Staff

Former Boy Band Member Is Now A Dallas ER Doctor

November 13, 2019

J. Mack Slaughter may have started his professional life in a boy band, but now he does something much different.  

Slaughter is an ER doctor in Dallas now, but before that, he had landed himself a spot in the boy band known as Sons of Harmony.  

Touring with Destiny's Child and opening for Bon Jovi and Jessica Simpson, Slaughter was on his way to stardom.  “I just kept riding the wave out to L.A.,” Slaughter said.  

But at the highpoint of his musical career, J. Mack decided that life just wasn't for him.  

“For my whole life, I dreamed of myself being a performer. When you have that vision and you’re always working toward it as like the peak of a mountain, and then you decide you don’t want to go up that mountain anymore, it’s a really empty feeling,” he said.  

But now as a Texas Health Resources emergency room physician, Slaughter is putting his musical talents to a noble cause.  He started a nonprofit called Music Meets Medicine and visits Children's Medical Center in Dallas playing his guitar for patients and their families.  “I never talk about the fact that I’m a doc,” he says of his Music Meets Medicine visits. “I don’t want any part of this escapism to bring them down to the reality of this situation.”  

J. Mack also commented on his present self meeting his younger self.  “They’d be so confused with each other!” he said. “They’re two different dudes!”

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