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Football Players Arrested For Stealing A Deer Statue

May 31, 2018

Two University of Illinois football-players, who happen to be roommates, have been charged with theft after admitting to 'relocating' a public statue. 

James Marchese, 21, and Drew Murtaugh, 20, nabbed the steel deer sculpture from a Champaign park. Police had a pretty easy time cracking this case. The apartment, where the Illinois students live, is just across the street from the park where the statue was stolen... It didn't take long for people to notice that the statue had move to the roof of the neighboring apartment complex.

But, why steal what must be a pretty heavy statue? For decoration, of course...

The two athletes set the statue on the roof of their apartment, hoping to spruse the building up a bit.

The statue is currently valued at $5,000 and has since been returned to the park.

If convicted, James Marchese, and Drew Murtaugh could be looking at anything from probation to up to 5 years jail time.

Via Gazette