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First Miss USA In A Wheelchair

November 7, 2019

"I was about seven or eight when Miss Congeniality came out and I loved that movie. But as soon as I saw a glammed-up Sandra Bullock take the stage, I knew I could never do anything like that—beauty pageants weren’t for girls like me. And that was before the accident that left me in a wheelchair" said Madeline Elizabeth Delp.

Madeline Elizabeth Delp told herself she didn't want to feel down anymore and was later told about Ms wheelchair North Carolina entered it and won! 

In 2017 she competed for Ms. Wheelchair USA and won!

These little girls have been carried their whole lives because their legs are too weak to stand. It broke my heart that we didn’t have any child size wheelchairs for this distribution, but I hope that these chairs still help to give them a new sense of dignity and independence as they grow! The vulnerability and innocence I saw in them truly touched me to my core - for everyone who helped to make this trip possible I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤️#liveboundless • @wheelchairfoundation @rotaryinternational @aeroflow_healthcare • • • • #giving #inspiration #motivation #love #equality #wheelchair #disability #accessibility #children #travel #philippines #missusa #strongwomen

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"At a speaking event, a little girl in a wheelchair, no more than seven, asked me: "Do you think someone who looks like us could ever be considered pretty enough to compete in Miss USA?" That comment hit me hard. What should I tell her?" Delp said.

Last year she entered for Miss North Carolina and didn't win but made it in the top 15.

Guess who’s competing in Miss North Carolina USA THIS WEEKEND!! I am so excited to represent Asheville as I strive to win a title that can give major opportunities to truly change people’s lives. The woman you see today is so different than the girl who who felt like she was invisible and unworthy for most of her life. I know I can be an example for others to show them that you can have the courage and confidence to pursue your greatest dreams, even when society tells you it’s not possible. So here’s to hoping for a big win for Asheville Saturday night!! I have talked extensively about my battle with shame and how I have worked to overcome it over the past few months with @aeroflow_healthcare through our confidence campaign. Look for the upcoming stories in @glamourmag and @preventionmag magazine to read more about the journey! I will also be releasing a “Boundless” blog with Aeroflow to discuss my pageant experience. I will update you with more details soon -- Lastly, you can vote for your favorite NC contestant on the Miss North Carolina USA website - I would be honored to receive your vote! -- • • Thank you @simplyjaneformals for the beautiful dress! • • • #pageant #missusa #missncusa #missuniverse #wheelchair #fashion #beauty #style #makeup #hair #photography #headshot #motivation @rpmproductions @buzzfeed

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This year Delp is on her way to go back and try and win that crown again and advance to Miss USA if she does win she will be the first Women in a wheelchair to take the stage.

About to drive to High Point for the Miss North Carolina USA pageant! Alright Asheville, are you ready to take home the state crown? Because I sure am -- Thank you all SO MUCH for all of your supportive comments, interview questions from yesterday and votes for me on the pageant website. I hope to make you all proud and am so honored to have such an amazing community of support! Check out the interview I did with John Le today on Asheville’s @wlos_13 to talk about my preparation experience, along with new blog posts on the @aeroflow_healthcare website ☺️ Also, thank you @braunability and @vanproductsinc for always helping me drive to my next bold adventure! • • • • • • #pageant #missusa #missncusa #missuniverse #beauty #fashion #makeup #hair #makeuptips #style #travel #accessibletravel #wheelchair #disability #northcarolina #asheville #photography @buzzfeed @ford

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