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Finally! Scientist Invent Robot That Can Build IKEA Furniture

April 19, 2018

Lets face it, putting together IKEA furniture is an absolute nightmare. Sure, their products are cheap and look pretty good, but you really do pay the price once you get home and realize how much of an understatement the "some assembly required" tag really is.

Researches in Singapore working to make IKEA assembly a thing of the past. They've created a robot that can successfully build furniture from IKEA. The robot is built with custom software, a three-dimensional camera, two robotic arms, grippers and force detectors. The machine may be high tech, but they made sure it only uses the common hand tools your average joe has lying around the house.

The scientist feed the robot the basic assembly manual then leave it to work. From there the robot will pretty much mimic the steps a human takes to build the furniture. 

First it analyses all the components. Then it takes pictures of each piece, constructing a kind of digital model which matches the instructions. From there the bot takes a few minutes to map out the movements needed to build the furniture in the fastest amount of time. After all that computing is done the handy robot gets to work. This entire process only takes 20 minutes 19 seconds.

The future is a scary place, but if it means we don't have to assemble any more IKEA furniture, sign us up!

Via NY TImes