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Kevin Winter / Staff

Elton John Slams Madonna For Her Treatment of Lady Gaga

November 1, 2019

In Elton John's new memoir titled Me, he opens up about the time how he became disappointed in Madonna's behavior towards Lady Gaga.  

"Particularly when she claims to be a champion for women,” he added. “I think it’s just wrong – an established artist shouldn’t kick down a younger artist right at the start of their career."

Madonna's initial beef with Gaga came from an interview in 2012 when Madonna claimed "Born This Way" was in her words "reductive" in comparison to "Express Yourself".  

In the book, John goes into detail about his reaction to hearing this.  "I was furious and I said some pretty horrible things about her to a TV interviewer in Australia, a guy I’d known since the Seventies called Molly Meldrum."  

He continued saying, "You can tell from the footage that it wasn’t part of the interview, that I was just sounding off to an old friend between takes."

"They broadcast it anyway, which brought that particular old friendship to a very swift conclusion," John stated. "Still, I shouldn’t have said it. I apologised."

-story via yahoo.com