Drama Continues After Kentucky Derby Winner Disqualification

May 7, 2019

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After the owners of Maxmimum Security filled an appeal against the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission, the commission denied the appeal and the horse remains in last place.

After the decision was made, if the West family were to continue to fight against the disqualification of Maxmimum Security, it would have to go through the legal courts. 

John L. Forgy, the general counsel of the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission, wrote a letter stating that "the disqualification was not subject to appeal."

No word if the West family would take the next step or possibly file a lawsuit. 

It all started when Maximum Security allegedly interfered with another horse, thus, disqualifying from winning the race.  Lawyer Barry Stilz filed the appeal on behalf of the Wests to request that all Derby money to be placed in escrow "pending final determination" and have access to video replays. 

If Maximum Security would've won the race, the value of the horse would jump to $20 million.


via New York Times