Dog at the theater

Photo By: Dreamstime

A Movie Theater Made Just For Dogs Is Now Open In Plano

December 10, 2018

Have you always wanted to take your dog to see an animal documentary or even an animated movie on the big screen? 

Well, it's finally here, a movie theater just for dogs. K9 Cinemas is now open in Plano, you and your furry best friend can now enjoy seeing a movie on the silver screen together. 

The owner, Eric Lankford told NBC DFW that there was no place in the area for him to see a movie with his dog. What better way than to open up your own movie theater? “We want people to be able to relax and watch the movie just like they would at home.”

Unfortunately, K9 Cinemas isn’t showing the latest box-office blockbusters, according to Lankford, “We are going to be showing older movies. We are going to have snacks and drinks.” 

And just like regular theaters have rules, so does K9 Cinemas. Lankford says he wants to make sure patrons have a fun, safe, and clean experience when they show up to K9 Cinemas. “We do have three doggone rules. Clean up after your pet. Bring the papers showing that your dog is up to date and there are only two dogs per human allowed.”

As of right now, K9 Cinemas will only be open during the weekends. Their next showing will be Home Alone on December 21st and Elf on December 26th. 

Are you going to take your dog to see a movie at K9 Cinemas?