Barbie's on display

Photo by Thierry Chesnot/Getty Images

Disney & Mattel Announce Three New Star Wars Barbie's

August 14, 2019

Disney and Mattel have partnered to create three new Barbie dolls. These new looks are all inspired by characters from ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’. Each new doll comes with a clutch, sunglasses, and makeup. 

How could the first new Barbie not be inspired by Princess Leia herself? The second doll is based off everyone’s favorite droid R2-D2. The final doll is a reimagining of Darth Vader; she might not come with the iconic mask but she does rock a nice pair of sunglasses. So far the Darth Vader Barbie is the most in-demand doll. 

The Star Wars Barbie’s come with a price tag of $100 and are available for pre-order on Amazon; they will all ship on November 18th. These dolls were just announced and are already in the top 20 of Amazon's best-selling dolls.

Via: People