Did Kurt Cobain's MTV 'Unplugged' Request Foreshadow His Death?

He requested specific flowers.

November 26, 2019

To make the stage how you want it for a performance, Kurt Cobain picked some specific flowers that made some people later question what does it mean?

"Kurt told the producer he wanted Stargazer lilies. “I had some set sketches, and I showed them to Kurt Cobain. He said, ‘Oh, can you get some stargazer lilies?" And I'm not a botanist. I was like, ‘What kind of flowers are those? Those are the ones at funerals, right?’ He's like, "Yeah, yeah. Those."

The flowers were out of season so they got plastic ones and put them on the stage and the producer says as the months past it became more jaw-dropping how it all looked like a funeral. Even though it wasn't the idea or plan for it to look like a funeral it just did.

Other than "Come As You Are" no other hits were played and they finished with time to spare asking Kurt if he wanted to do an encore. "Kurt just looked at me and said, ‘I don't think I can top that last song.’ When he said it, it just clicked to me. It's like, ‘Oh no, this was planned out start to finish, and that's how it should end. Let's call it a wrap and walk home.’ So we did.”

Via Yahoo