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Kevin Winter / Staff

Def Leppard Credit Exotic Dancers for Success of 'Hysteria'

October 1, 2019

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen dropped some pretty interesting info about their album "Hysteria" during a recent interview.  

According to him, the album was so successful because of exotic dancers.  

"Actually, the album came out, 'Hysteria' — our biggest album — and it tanked initially," Phil said. "'Cause we spent so much money on it, and it didn't make it back. And we were, like, 'Oh, man.' We're on tour, and it's half-empty arenas. And this song starts getting requested by strippers in Florida, 'cause they're performing to it. So then people are requesting it on the radio, and it kind of snowballs, or fireballs, if you want, from that point on. And then the second place was Canada — a lot of strip bars, apparently. And it just went on, and it honestly caught on from there. And then the album went to No. 1 three times and ended up going 13 times platinum in the U.S. So, yeah, it was 'cause of the strippers in Florida."

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