David Bowie

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Is The Ghost Of David Bowie Haunting Scottish Television Set?

It is spooky season

October 16, 2019

Lorraine Kelly, Scottish TV host is positive the ‘ghost’ David Bowie made a surprise guest appearance on her TV show.

She was interviewing Mika about David Bowie’s impact and influence, when all of a sudden the lighting went dark green before they flickered back on.

She said, "Oh, that's quite spooky. We mentioned David Bowie and look what happened."

Both Lorraine and Mika were freaked out.  Lorraine even asks the production crew if they had messed with the lighting purposely. The crew denied the action.

She asked, “Guys you didn't do that did you? That just happened?  Ooh that has given me goosebumps, Mika. Nobody did that, that just happened. Wow, that was quite strange.”

It was a strange and creepy moment, but maybe the spirit of David Bowie did mess with the lighting on the set to show his presence while they spoke about his greatness.

Via: Manchester News