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Dallas Principal Springs Into Action To Help Clean School After Janitor Emergency

"We Do What We Need To Do. It Doesn't Matter What Your Title Is," Says The Principal

November 9, 2018

When it comes to job titles, Principal Dr. Adreana Davis of Guzick Elementary School believes that it shouldn’t limit what you can and can’t do in the workplace. She proved that this week, as when emergency struck the school’s janitor, Principal Davis picked up a mop and got to work. Students and teachers got the joy of watching their principal stroll through the school making sure nothing went undone in the janitor’s absence.

Guzick Elementary, a part of the Dallas Independent School District, is known to staff as a place where adventure awaits. Well the school, known as the ‘Guzick Giants’ got their adventure, although what they saw didn’t surprise many. “Dedication,” one teacher said of Dr. Adreana Davis, saying that simply the principal, “loves her school.”

Principal Davis surely set a great example not only for the students, but for those on her staff as well. “I just put those gloves on and got to work.” The principal explained. Students and teachers watched as their principal was wheeling the custodian cart down hallways. “In her absence, things needed to get done. And some restrooms needed to be cleaned.” Principal Dr. Adreana Davis explained of her hard work.

While this looks great for the principal, her hard work hopefully reflects on her students. “We believe in the potential that our students have to be the very best that they could possibly be,” explained Principal Davis. Her actions clearly will go a long way in setting that standard for the rest of Guzick Elementary School.

The staff at this school believes it’s all hands on deck all the time. “We do what we need to do. It doesn’t matter what your title is,” said the principal. While they may believe they are doing what is necessary, clearly this staff is ready to go the extra mile. These are the type of teachers and staff to help lead children.