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Dallas Police Department Wanting To Get Rid Of College Requirements For New Recruits

December 11, 2018

The Dallas Police Department has been struggling to hire new recruits to Dallas, and they're wanting to get rid of one requirement for the new recruits.

Before, you had to pass the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, (TCOLE), and do at least 45 college credit hours in order to get in. Now the department is wanting to get rid of the college requirement for all new recruits, that is if the Dallas City Council is wanting to sign it.

"There are a lot of cities such as San Antonio, Austin and Fort Worth that don't require college --- they only require a high school degree," says DPD Assistant Chief Angela Shaw. "In theory you're looking at officers that are probably good officers in these communities ... that we could reach out to and bring them to Dallas."

She continues, "Let's be honest, there's a lot of competition within the metroplex to hire applicants that already possess a TCOLE license and get them out there answering calls a lot faster."

A city council members says he is willing to drop the college requirement, but wants the department to report back in a year if it has made a change.

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via Dallas Observer