Justin Sullivan / Staff

Dallas Boy's Missing Pet Tortoise Found Alive After Tornado

October 29, 2019

It's been at least a week since tornadoes struck here in Dallas and people are still feeling it's effects.  

Including one local boy who thought he had lost his pet tortoise Bolt in the storm.  

Owen Folmnsbee spoke about how it all went down when the tornado came through their neighborhood.  

Apparently the twister pulled his pet's cage from the dresser in his room.  “His cage was all mangled with broken glass and they thought for sure he was dead,” he said.   

Owen found the cage later but Bolt was no where in sight.  

Then while digging through all the debris, they found Bolt buried underneath alive and well.  “Although not mentally,” Owen said. “He was pretty traumatized for a bit.”

-story via msn.com