Joe Raedle / Staff

Crocodile Uses Pool Noodle To Float Across Canal In Florida

June 24, 2019

Let's admit it, not only were pool noodles fun as a kid, they're fun to use as an adult to.  

And apparently they're fun for crocodiles to use as well. 

While on his balcony, a resident in Key Largo, Florida happened to see something odd.  He saw a yellow pool noodle in the canal near his home, with a crocodile using it to float across!  

Crock on a float #keylargo #rockemnreelem #floating #keyslife

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Another pic of the same Crock on a noodle #keylargo #keyslife #croc

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No one's quite sure how the croc came to find that noodle.  We're just hoping there wasn't a person on it first.  

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