Cowboys vs Saints Game Is Now Most-Watched Thursday Night Game In History

November 30, 2018



The Dallas Cowboys took on the New Orleans Saints at AT&T Stadium Thursday night and became the most watched Thursday Night Football game in history!

According to the NFL, 21.4 million people watched the game on television. Adding digital streaming on top of the viewership, the total came out to be 22.2 million people, which is the largest number ever recroded for an NFL game on Thursday night.

Out of 22.2 million people watching on television and on other digital platforms, 1.4 million came from North Texas.

The Dallas Cowboys (7-5) upset the Saints (10-2) 13-10 as this is the Saints second loss of the season.

The Cowboys will take on the defending Super Bowl champs, the Philadephia Eagles on Sunday, Dec. 9 at 3:25pm.


via FOX 4