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The Cowboys' Offensive Line Coach Judges Players On How They Pour Ketchup

May 18, 2018

The newest offensive line coach for the Dallas Cowboys may not be the most conventional coach the franchise has ever seen.

Paul Alexander said in his 2011 book, "Perform," that he can tell a lot about a player based on how they handle their condiments, specifically, ketchup...

Alexander explains that he can tell if he'll want a perspective player based on how they dispense ketchup from a bottle:

When I see a large football player turn a bottle of ketchup upside down and pound at its heel with tremendous force yet with limited success, I immediately make a mental note:

He must either play defensive line, or if he plays offensive line, he can't play for me.

Coaches are often known for their comically short statements, but this certainly takes the cake for the most bizarre. Though, if you really think about it, it does make some sense. Alexander does gives a little more clarity on the subject later on in his book, saying, "Offensive linemen and their coaches seek to resolve complex problems with simple solutions."

Via CBS Sports