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Cadbury Is Looking For Chocolate Taste Testers To Work For $14 Per Hour

No experience Is Needed, Just A Love For Chocolate, And Good Taste Buds

February 28, 2019

Are you tired of your job not paying you to eat chocolate all day? Well then there may just be the perfect job for you! The confectionary company, Cadbury, recently announced they are hiring chocolate taste testers, and will pay $14 per hour.

Cadbury will be accepting applications for a professional chocolate taster until March 8th. Don’t be discouraged if that isn’t your current career, according to the company, experience is not a requirement. Instead they are looking for individuals who have “passion for confectionary and taste buds for detection,” along with “honestly when it comes to giving opinion.”

The position is at the company’s headquarters in Wokingham, England, and the person hired will work on a 12 person team for eight hours a week, testing products such as Oreos and Dairy Milk. Since posting about the new position, social media has been full of people campaigning for the position.

According to reports, the job interview process includes “choco-challenges” where applicants will be tested on their chocolate tasting skills. While it may not be the ideal career, it may just be the job of all chocolate lovers’ dreams.

Via Fox News