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Apparently, We Owe Andrew "Dice" Clay For GN'R Reunion

The Comic Recently Claimed He Convinced Guns N’ Roses To Get Back Together

July 1, 2019

For years fans of Guns N’ Roses believed there was nothing that could possibly bring the band back together. Well, apparently all it took was some convincing by comedian Andrew Dice Clay. The legendary stand-up comic recently sat down and discussed how he got Guns N’ Roses back together, and apparently all it took was some classic Dice ribbing.

Andrew Dice Clay has made some wild claims throughout his career, but if his story is true, this may be greatest accomplishment of his career. It all began in Australia when the comic ran into Guns N’ Roses guitarist, Slash. According to Dice he told Slash, “You’re Slash. Do you understand? You’re one of the greatest guitarists in the world. What’s wrong with you?”

After that meeting Andrew Dice Clay moved to Duff McKagen, conspiring with the GN’R member to convince Slash to tweet out praise for Axl Rose. It all came together, when Dice ran into Axl at a show telling him, “You need to put this back together.”

The rest is history, as Guns N’ Roses eventually got back together and went on tour. The ‘Not In This Lifetime’ tour became the third highest grossing tour of all time. Many Guns N’ Roses fans were treated to a show they never expected, and it’s all thanks to Andrew Dice Clay.

Via Loudwire