[Video] Have A Coffee, Then Contemplate Life From Within A Closed Coffin at This Café

The Death Awareness Café In Bangkok Allows Customers To Sit IN Coffins After Purchasing A Beverage

June 26, 2019

It seems every new trendy food or beverage spot needs a special gimmick to attract customers, but one coffee shop in Thailand may have taken things a little too far. The ‘Death Awareness Café’ in Bangkok is using a morbid gimmick to attract customers; coffins for customers to sit in.

The décor of the Death Awareness Café goes with the coffin theme, as the shop has a morbid feel, to go along with the coffins. Customers are encouraged to get in the coffin after purchasing their beverage. The café’s owner, Veeranut Rojanaprapa, says the coffins are for customers to spend time reflecting on their life.

“Our main goal is for the visitor to experience the death awareness," he said. "When the lid of the coffin closes, their basic instincts will come up and they will realize that eventually they cannot take anything with them," said Rojanaprapa. If the Death Awareness Café owner has his way, his Buddhist inspired philosophy will encourage customers to not be driven by greed. If that doesn’t work, at least they have an odd gimmick to keep people coming.