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Coffee Cup Has Been Edited Out of Game of Thrones Episode, But Not Before Giving Starbucks $2.3 Billion in Free Advertising

May 7, 2019

If you watched the recent episode of "Game of Thrones", you noticed a coffee cup on the table during the feast scene. Little did you know, it's NOT even a Starbucks cup!

During the episode on Sunday, eagle-eyed fans took pictures and posted it on all social media platforms. Those pictures and videos went viral just within hours. 

Many people thought it was a Starbucks cup since it had some sort of green siren on the cup, something similar to the logo of Starbucks, but it turns out it's just a craft services cup. 

CEO of Hollywood Branded, Stacy Jones, says the estimated value of those tweets, hashtags, mentions, and shares came out to be $2.3 billion of FREE advertising. 

As of Tuesday, the cup has been edited out, but Twitter and Reddit still continues on about that "Starbucks" cup.


via CNBC