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Clumps of Woman's Hair Falls Out After Using Conditioner Tainted With Nair

August 2, 2019

It's always important to make sure you read what ingredients are in your shampoo.  After all you never know what might be in there.  

Except this poor girl REALLY didn't know about one ingredient in her shampoo because it was added while it sat on the store shelf.  

After buying a bottle of her usual shampoo, one Wisconsin woman experienced something we can only assume most women have nightmares about. 

When she used it, her hair began to fall out in chunks because someone had added Nair hair removal to the bottle!  

Pantene has also reached out to Ashley.  "We are aware and concerned by this post, however the consumer involved hasn't directly contacted us yet, so at this time we have limited information," the company told "We have reached out to gain more information because the safety of our products is our top priority.  We will share more information as we learn more about this unusual experience."

Local police and walmart have begun to investigate if there was foul play involved.  

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