Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

Credit:Imagn/Billy Bennight/AdMedia/Sipa USA

Chrissy Teigen Scared John Legend While He Was Guest Hosting 'Ellen'

Chrissy sweared when she scared him and had to apologize

November 16, 2019

After being crowned the “Sexiest Man Alive,” John Legend hosted ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ Friday.  He was unaware of who his first guest would be, shockingly it was his wife, Chrissy Teigen and she definitely took her hubby by surprise when she pranked and scared him while he hosted the show.

The moment happened after Legend explained how his song, “All of Me “was dedicated to is wife and filmed in Italy the week of their wedding.  Legend then shared a hilarious reimagined “All of Me” music video starring Ellen DeGeneres as a dancing handyman trying to seduce the singer.

After the video ended, Legend said, "Don't tell Chrissy, guys. She'll be very, very, very, very jealous of Ellen."

That was when Teigen popped out of the end table screaming, “What are you f—ing doing?"

After being startled he lifted her out of the end table. She said it was tiring hiding in there for a long period and complimented her hubby on his comedic charm while hosting the show.

Via: Cosmopolitan