CEO Gives Man A Car After Walking 14 Miles To His First Day At Work

July 18, 2018

Walter Carr's story went viral that the CEO gave him a surprise he will never forget.

During the weekend before starting his first day of work, his car broke down. Knowing that he needed it for his first day on the job, he walked over 14 miles just to show up to work.

When a local police officer heard of his story, a group of the officer's colleagues took him to eat breakfast and gave him a ride home.

Luke Marklin, who's the CEO of Bellhops, (a moving company), he wanted to give something that'll make his life easier to get to work. Marklin gave him a 2014 Ford Escape. Marklin thanked Carr for his dedication in showing up the first day and to hoping that this will ease any problems of transportation. 

A great story by Carr and such a kind gesture from the CEO. 


CBS News