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Carnival Cruise Line Announces Plans To Add A Roller Coaster To New Ship

The New Ship, Mardi Gras, Will Be Arriving In 2020

December 14, 2018

Carnival Cruise Line has once again upped the ante. No longer are simple cruise ships good enough for vacations, as companies continue to add new attractions to their ships in order to fascinate customers. Carnival has taken that to a whole new level, announcing that in 2020 their newest ship will come equipped with a roller coaster.

The new roller coaster attraction will be a part of Carnival’s newest vessel, the Carnival Mardi Gras. The cruise ship will begin to hit the seas in 2020, and can hold 5,200 passengers. The ship’s roller coaster will be the first ever roller coaster on a cruise ship.

The roller coaster will be named, BOLT: Ultimate Sea Coaster, and will wrap around the ship. The 800 foot ride will whip passengers around the ship at around 40 miles per hour. Carnival president, Christine Duffy, who got a chance to experience a prototype of the ride said, “It will be a thrill ride. We think it’s a really cool innovation for Mardi Gras, which will have a lot of new guest features and experiences that we have not done before.”

While this will be the first ever roller coaster aboard a cruise ship, over-the-top attractions are nothing new to cruise ships. In recent years, A Norwegian Cruise Line added a go-cart course on board, while Disney ships have begun to include a water coaster. Carnival is no stranger to these wild attractions either, having a “sky ride” aboard two of their newest ships.

While the BOLT: Ultimate Sea Coaster doesn’t go as fast as the average land roller coaster, it being on a cruise ship will most likely attract plenty of passengers. Those hoping to get on this ride will have to wait until the Mardi Gras first hits water in 2020. For now, cruise passengers will just have to settle for the current crop of unexpected attractions on cruise ships.

Via USA Today