Natalyka | Releases List Of America's Least Favorite Christmas Candy

Did One Of Your Christmas Favorites Make The List?

December 20, 2018

Sweats and candy are a big part of any holiday season, and Christmas is no different. From candy canes, to holiday themed favorites, candy has become just as much of a Christmas season staple, as any other tradition. However, for all the favorite treats, there are plenty that people want to avoid getting as a stocking stuffer. That’s why put out there list of America’s least favorite Christmas candy, to avoid the embarrassment of buying a treat no one wants. used a survey of 13,000 customers, who were asked to rank their least favorite holiday candies. According to Clair Robins, who works for, “There could be over $2 billion in Christmas candy sales this year. Christmas candy is more popular than ever. Just because it's popular, doesn't mean it’s all good.” She continued saying that people were happy to help by bashing their least favorite Christmas candies.

The list starts off the top 10 by listing Old-Fashioned Hard Candy Mix, Ribbon Candy, and Non-Peppermint Candy Canes, in the tenth, ninth and eighth spots, respectively. The list continues with White Peppermint M&Ms and Lifesavers Story Books. The top 5 worst Christmas candies according to the survey were; Chocolate-Covered Cherry Cordials, followed by Peppermint Bark and Peeps. Reindeer Corn came in as the number two least favorite candy, and finally the number one worst Christmas candy in America is, Christmas Tree Nougat.

In’s blog post listing the survey results, they included real comments by customers that were surveyed. One commenter said of Peppermint Bark, “We call peppermint bark Grinch vomit. Because it looks like Christmas vomit.” People were just as harsh when discussing the number one slot, Christmas Tree Nougat. One customer said, “Everything about these is all wrong. First off, it looks like a poker chip that you can only cash in for sadness.”

While there are many fan favorite candies for the Christmas Holiday season, there are clearly a number of items that disgust those getting them as treats. While many were quick to point out these as their least favorites, some came to defend the candies, as holiday tradition. Whether you are a fan of any of these candies on the list or not, make sure to avoid buying them for others, as’s list clearly shows, most people can’t stand the top ten worst candies in America.

Via USA Today