The Rock on the University of Tennessee campus painted with the t-shirt design created by a Florida boy

Credit: Imagn/© Caitlyn Jordan/News Sentinel, Knoxville News

UT Offers Scholarship To Bullied Boy For His Shirt Design

Boy bullied for his DIY UT shirt design is offered scholarship

September 12, 2019

The fourth grade boy wanted to show his pride and love for the University of Tennessee for his school’s college day.  He did not have any official gear, so instead of not participating or sporting his school of choice he decided to get creative and design his own.

According to his teacher when he arrived at school classmates began to bully him for his home-made University of Tennessee t-shirt design.

His teacher shared the design and story on Facebook.  The news quickly traveled to the university.  Once they heard the boys story they decided to send him apparel and other school goodies.  They decided to make his exact design and official shirt sold by the school. More than 50,000 shirts have been sold with his design.  The proceeds have gone to the charity ‘Stomp Out Bullying’.

Beside adopting his design, and being gifted university swag he has also scored a full ride scholarship to the University. He will now join the class of 2028!

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