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‘Breaking Bad’ Stars Post Corresponding Social Media Messages Leaving Fans With Many Questions

Some Are Theorizing This Could Be In Relation To The ‘Breaking Bad’ Sequel, ‘Greenbrier’

July 3, 2019

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are either playing a trick on all of us, or fans of ‘Breaking Bad’ may be getting some news regarding a potential movie very soon. The two actors from the hit AMC series have posted cryptic messages on the social media pages that have fans questioning the true meaning.

Even sooner

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For fans that are anxiously awaiting the return ‘Better Call Saul’ or can’t stop re-watching ‘Breaking Bad,’ the message from the two actors could mean some news coming regarding ‘Greenbrier.’ While there has been little information given on the upcoming Netflix series, it is said to be the follow up to the ‘Breaking Bad’ story.

Of course, not everyone is buying it and that includes series star Anna Gunn. The actress who played Skylar on the hit show recently shot down rumors, saying “"I believe it is a nod to a mezcal tequila that they are bringing out, the two of them, called Dos Hombres."

While many fans are holding out hope that Gunn is just trying to keep a secret, it seems at least they will at least soon be getting some Tequila courtesy of their favorite stars. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have stayed quiet about their corresponding posts, but whether its tequila or more ‘Breaking Bad’ content, fans should still be happy.

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