Champagne and Christmas ornaments

Credit: Getty Images Plus/ DGM007

These Booze Filled Christmas Ornaments Will Make A Fun Holiday Gift

They will help boost the holiday "spirit"

December 10, 2019

Oh Christmas the time to cherish with family and friends along with sharing the gift of giving. Unsure on what to get those on your list? Well, how is this as a fun gift idea alcohol-filled Christmas baubles.  They will help get everyone in the holiday “spirit.”

The Lake’s Distillery, a British liquor manufacturer has festive Christmas ornaments filled with liquor. It is a fun gift to give and even decorate the Christmas tree.

The distillery has gift sets filled with gin or whiskey in clear ball-shaped bottles ready to hang on tree as decoration or drink.

The gift set of six features three of the distillery's signature gins.

·         The Lakes Gin (43.7% ABV)

·         The Lakes Sloe Gin (25% ABV)

·         The Lakes Damson Gin (25% ABV)

The distillery also has the option of buying fine aged British Blended Whiskey (40% ABV).

This “Spirit of Christmas” ornament is sure to be a holiday hit and impress family and friends.

Via: Cosmopolitan