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Michael Buckner / Staff

Jim Belushi And Dan Aykroyd Announce 'Blues Brothers' Cannabis Label

October 6, 2019

Jim Belushi and Dan Aykroyd are officially getting into the cannabis game.  

Belushi, who owns a 93 acre farm in Oregon, began growing the plant after the state made it legal in 2014.  And over the weekend, the two announced the start of their own "Blues Brothers" cannabis label.  

The announcement was made during Belushi's 3rd annual Harvest Party that was in benefit of local blues musician Johnny Wheels.  

Of course Aykroyd arrived in proper fashion in a decommissioned cop car much like the bluesmobile.  The party also included a barbecue, bullwhip cracking and tomahawk throwing.  All of which was filmed and expected to be featured on the actor's new reality show about his experience with farming.

Belushi hopes to sell their product in his home state of Illinois some day and plans on opening at least two more farms; one in Nevada and one in California.  

-story via theprovince.com