Blink-182 Fans Keep Bringing Mark Hoppus Custom License Plates

This New Tradition Started After One Fan Got A Signed Bass Guitar In Exchange For His “BLNK-182” License Plate

July 22, 2019

Blink-182 fans have a new tradition that Mark Hoppus may regret starting. After a fan brought a custom license plate to a recent show, Hoppus gifted the fan his bass guitar, in exchange for the “BLNK 182” license plate. After that story went viral, Hoppus claims it has continued at other shows saying “it’s totally going to become a thing, isn’t it?”

The first license plate exchange happened during a Blink 182 show in Virginia Beach. A fan, who later shared the story on Reddit, brought his custom license plate to the show, in hopes of getting it to Hoppus. “So I had the NC plates and also VA. In 2016 Mark signed my VA plates so I figured I’d give him the NC one. He said ‘cool! I collect them! I’ll tell you what I’ll trade a bass for it,’” said the Reddit user.

Mark traded me one of his basses for my NC BLNK182 License plates at the VA Beach VIP.

The fan thought he was gifting something to Hoppus, but instead was given the ultimate Blink-182 experience, as he got a signed bass, and even posted photos from the exchange. While this continued at another show, it is unknown if Mark hoppus gave out another bass guitar for the new license plate.

Blink-182 is currently on tour with Lil Wayne, who made headlines recently after claiming he was leaving the tour. With Lil Wayne still on the tour, the group will be in Dallas August 2nd. They have also promised a new album coming September 20th. This gives fans plenty of chances to get their custom license plates to Hoppus.

Via Alt Press