Theo Wargo / Staff

[Video] Billie Joe Armstrong Demos New Green Day Distortion Pedal

The MXR Dookie Drive Distortion Pedal Was Unveiled In January

July 26, 2019

It has been 25 years since the release of Green Day’s hit album ‘Dookie.’ To celebrate, Dunlop has invented a new distortion pedal that will recreate the sound of Billie Joe Armstrong’s amps in the hit 1994 album. In a new video, Billie Joe Armstrong tries out the brand new MXR Dookie Drive.

While the new distortion pedal was unveiled back in January, Green Day frontman, Billie Joe Armstrong, recorded the demo to celebrate the pedal’s official release. Along with sampling the MXR Dookie Drive, Armstrong also discussed his history of “chasing good tone and trying to get the ultimate rock sound.”

Billie Joe Armstrong gives a helpful tip for anyone using the new distortion pedal to get the ‘Dookie’ sound. He said turning the blend knob counterclockwise will get the ‘Dookie’ tone, while going the other way will create a noise that’s “a bit nastier, louder.” As for what happens when the knob is in the middle, Armstrong admits, “I have no idea.”

Via Guitar World