Bear sitting on sofa

Credit: Getty Images/ Vicnt

Hungry Bear Raids Refrigerator Of Family's Truckee Vacation Home

Bear breaks into house, raids fridge as scared teens hide in the next room

August 22, 2019

Two teenage boys 15-year-old Hayes Sherman, along with his friend Bobby Harden witnessed when a bear broke into their family’s vacation home.  The boys were watching Television down the hall when they heard a ruckus.  Turns out it was a 250-pound hungry bear breaking into their breaking into their refrigerator.

The bear did not struggle or hesitate to help itself to a meal. His entrees of choice were taco meat, two pints of ice cream and crackers.

The teens had to call Sherman’s mom to warn her about the bear downstairs.  She then called 911 to inform them of the situation. The teens hid in fear behind a sliding door before County deputy arrived to their rescue. Sherriff. Allyson Prero opened the front door and fired a “bear round” from her shotgun to tranquilize the animal and send it away.

Lesson learned do not to leave door open.

Source via: Fox 6 Now

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