Grilled Watermelon


A BBQ Restaurant In New York Serves Smoked Watermelon

August 9, 2018

Maybe they should leave the BBQ to the southerners.

This restaurant has taken BBQ to an out of this world level. Duck’s Eatery in New York City now serves smoked watermelon. Yes, you read that right smoked watermelon.

When looking at pictures of the final product one might think that’s it’s a smoked ham. The smoked melon will run you more than a shiny penny, coming with a price tag of $75 and must be pre-ordered a week in advanced. Luckily it feeds three to five people, so you can definitely split the cost.

Owner and chef of Duck's Eatery, William Horowitz, tells INSIDER that he wanted the restaurant to have more vegan and vegetarian options. "We simply do the same thing we've been doing for thousands of years to meats but we do it to a melon." Horowitz describes the flavor as "smoky, savory, salty, hot, and juicy, but it's still a watermelon."

Would you give the smoked watermelon a try? Check out the video below of how they prepare and smoke the melon.