Taylor Swift

Dia Dipasupil / Staff

Stalker Who Broke Into Taylor Swift's Beach House Found Barefoot Because He Wanted To Be Polite

September 4, 2019

Just because someone might be a creepy stalker doesn't mean they don't have manners.  

At least that's how this guy felt when he broke into Taylor Swift's beach house in Rhode Island.  

26 year old New Jersey resident Richard Joseph McEwan was arrested after be hopped the fence to the singer's property and broke the door.  This promptly caused the motion activated alarm on the second floor of the home to be tripped and alerted local police and Swift's personal security.  

When police arrived, they found Richard chilling out in the foyer and barefoot.  

Apparently, he had taken his shoes off before entering the home because, "it was the polite thing to do."  He continued saying that he was, "raised to take your shoes off anytime you go into someone’s house."  

Too bad he wasn't taught to NOT break into people's homes. 

-story via yahoo.com