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This Australian Man's Rare Blood Has Saved Millions Of Lives

May 14, 2018

James Harrison, whose been dubbed the 'Man with the Golden Arm,' has felt obligated to give back since age 14. Harrison needed a surgery, which required a large amount of donated blood. Since then, Harrison has been making weekly trips to the Red Cross.

Over the course of his 1173 life long donations, doctors discovered that Harrison's blood was far from average. His blood contains an extremely rare antibody which is vital to the production of a medication dubbed Anti-D.

Anti-D stops a potentially life threatening condition for infants which, according to the Red Cross, can be found in 17% of Australian women who become pregnant. Without the medication, babies with certain blood types that differ from their mothers' can develop hemolytic disease.

For over a decade, Mr.Harrison's blood has helped to save more than two million lives.

Harrison celebrated his final donation on Friday at the age of 81. Though he'd like to keep going, the Red Cross says he should stop donation for his own health.

Via NY Times