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Tim P. Whitby / Stringer

Start Up Company PEEX Testing Out New Audio Tech At Elton John Concerts

September 26, 2019

Concert goers in the future could be experiencing live music in a whole new way thanks to Elton John and the audio tech company known as PEEX.  

Sir Elton has been on tour in Vancouver and thanks to PEEX and their new wearable tech, audience members could get the same quality sound from any seat in the venue.  

The new tech is a pair of headphones that connects to the PEEX audio remixer and gives the person wearing them the ability to make the sound fit their taste.  “It evens the playing field in the stadium,” said Graham Tull, chief technical officer at the UK-based PEEX. “Why should you be disadvantaged because of where you’re sitting?”  

PEEX has a booth at the concert and for $20 you can rent the PEEX rX, which is a small wireless receiver disc to wear around your neck with headphones.  Then that links to a free PEEX Live app that is available on both the iPhone or Android.  

Of course Elton is a big fan of this new tech.  “Throughout my 50-year career, playing live has always been so important to me,” he said. “I am passionate about giving my fans my best possible performance and making sure they get the best possible experience."  

He continued saying, “Over the last four years I’ve been working with the talented team at PEEX, who have developed an incredible new technology that will revolutionize the way fans listen to live music.”

-story via vancouversun.com