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An Anonymous Listener Left $10 Million To A Seattle Radio Station

April 17, 2018

An anonymous listener, known only as Suzanne, has bequeathed almost $10 million to Seattle's KEXP-FM (90.5). The alt-rock station says the massive donation will go to several music and media education programs.These programs will help the station expand their digital content as well as radio and online programing.

KEXP has also started a new giving initiative, the Reverb Society.

Station employees knew the anonymous donor, as she had regularly contributed to the station in the past. Though, no one expected her to leave so much to the station. 

The director of development, Betsy Troutman, told the Seattle Times, “The thought that she would do this is mind-blowing to me. [Suzanne] had shared with me once or twice, kind of casually, that she had made plans for KEXP in her estate. But she was young, and I said, ‘Oh, that’s amazing. Thank you very much.’ I didn’t think that it would come when I was here.”

Suzanne received a special honor during chief content officer Kevin Cole’s afternoon show:

“We intend to honor her legacy in every step we take in stewarding these funds. Suzanne’s love of music, her support for artists, her sense of philanthropy and service to the community, and the joy she found in exploration and discovery will live on in the programs and services that are made possible through this amazing and generous gift."

Via Inside Radio