"I Don't Want To Put My Name On Something And For Somebody To Buy Junk," Says Jeff Foxworthy During Interview With Angela Chase

Also, Jeff Tells Angela The Hilarious Story That Kicked Off His Nearly 40 Year Marriage

February 5, 2019

Jeff Foxworthy was at Nebraska Furniture Mart in the Colony to celebrate the launch of the Jeff Foxworthy Home Collection, in partnership with Man Wah furniture.

Angela Chase made sure to catch an interview with the entertainer/entrepreneur on everything from the inspiration for his home collection, his successful family game, redneck jokes and family traditions!

What Angela did have to bring up first was the one thing she and Jeff both have in common... they both eloped!

"We didn't have no money. I had won a comedy competition and the prize was that they flew you to New York and you got to perform at the Rising Star, and so my now wife was with me and we had been talking for a while about getting married and we were like, "wouldn't it be cool to just get married in New York?" shared Jeff.

Jeff showed Angela the only few pictures that he has of his wedding day out in Central Park... polaroids! They showed Jeff, his wife and the kid sweeping the park at the time, Andre, his one and only witness.

"Every Christmas for like 25 years my wife would write him and say we're still together, we have two kids. Yes, to the guy, the minister that conducted the thing because I know he thought 'there is no way this is a real thing," said Jeff.

Jeff went on to talk about his 24 year old daughter following in his footsteps in creativity by becoming a home interior designer herself.' "It's all about creativity!"

Angela also brought up how well Jeff's game is doing "Relative Insanity, is the #1 game on Amazon!"

"Any game you play that makes you laugh, you're going to play again!" gushed Jeff. "What do we all have in common? Everybody's gotta family and everybody's family is crazy!"

When wrapping up the interview Angela said she hated she had to because she was on such a comfortable couch. "This couch is very very comfortable. The leather is really really soft!"

So finally, Jeff explained his thought process beind the Jeff Foxworthy Home Collection.

"When I got into doing this, here's what I thought: I don't want to put my name on something and for somebody to buy junk. So I want people to buy stuff that A. that it was affordable, and that B. it was going to last."