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Joe Perry Speaks On Aerosmith’s Plans For 50th Anniversary

According To Perry The Band Has No Plans On Stopping Any Time Soon

August 5, 2019

Aerosmith may be approaching 50 years as a band, but they don’t plan on slowing down any time soon. Fresh off their Vegas residency, the band is now embarking on an east coast tour before returning to Vegas in September. Looking ahead to the future, Joe Perry said all the band’s shows next year will celebrate Aerosmith’s 50th anniversary, but that doesn’t mean Farewell.

The band finished their first round of shows in Las Vegas for their MGM residency last month, but now is moving through the MGM properties on the east coast, before returning to Vegas in September. Those shows will run all the way until December, before the band begins their 50th anniversary celebration.

Speaking on their 2020 celebration Joe Perry said, “Any gigs we do next year will be celebrated as 50 years. By no means will it be a farewell tour. Maybe we'll go to 75. We'll see." That’s good news for any Aerosmith fan, as the band plans to continue performing for years to come. Some may say they should call it quits, but according to Perry they have plenty left to prove.

Via Anti Music