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Not Switching Over To Airplane Mode Cost One Traveler $300 While Flying To The United States

The Unnamed Passenger Left His Phone In The Overhead Compartment

December 4, 2018

On every flight, passengers are told to turn their cell phones off or switched over to airplane mode. This move has become common knowledge to many, as it is perceived to be for safety reasons. While safety is indeed a part of it, another reason is to avoid large roaming charges for customers using their cell phones. One Aer Lingus traveler learned this the hard way, after being hit with a $300 cell phone bill.

An unidentified man told The Irish Times he had left his phone in the overhead compartment, inside his luggage, while traveling to the U.S. A week later, when got his bill from AT&T, he noticed the price has skyrocketed. According to AT&T his phone had connected to the plane’s antenna. This caused his phone to use data that was “outside an unlimited international roaming plan.” By not switching over to airplane mode, or turning his cell phone off, the man was charged throughout the duration of his flight.

This is not something that always happens, however according to Aer Lingus, passengers phones “may connect to the in-flight roaming network.” Instead of being able to switch over to the WiFi network, the money being charged is billed to the provider. This can happen not only while on a plane, but in some cases while at sea as well.

According to one twitter user, there are a few tips one should follow, if they plan to use their phones while in flight. Depending on your service provider, there are different costs and plans for using a cellphone in a roaming area.

For the unnamed passenger aboard the Aer Lingus flight to the U.S., his bill is final and there is nothing he can do about it. Hopefully next time he will remember to turn off his phone, or switch it to airplane mode, if he plans to keep the device in his luggage. For everyone else, now they know it’s not just a matter of safety, turn off those cell phones!

Via Fox News